Harold K. Jordan & Company (HKJ) is a general contractor in Charlotte specializing in building residential communities and commercial housing properties for the public and private sector since 1989. We serve all your Charlotte general contracting needs from preliminary budget pricing, management of the “design to the budget” process, competitive buyout with a select group of qualified subcontractors, through site work and the building process, complete with a meticulous punch-out and delivery of Certificates of Occupancy within your schedule and your budget.

Professional General Contracting in Charlotte, Renovation, and Construction Management

HKJ brings a vast wealth of general contracting experience to our clients’ projects, which allows us to identify and address any potential issue before it becomes a problem. Our project supervisors are talented, well-trained, and experienced in all aspects of general contracting projects from start to finish. If a general contracting construction project in Charlotte has our name on it, you can be assured that only the best available managers, supervisors, subcontractors, and tradesmen are working to bring it to a timely, successful completion.

HKJ Offers the Following General Contracting Services in Charlotte:

Experienced Renovation Construction in Charlotte

Our renovation division manages the rehabilitation and redevelopment of multifamily housing and the conversion of historic structures into desirable, affordable dwellings. By utilizing our experienced renovation construction services, we are able to convert your outdated housing or unused structure into a sustainable, energy-efficient, desirable residence. Our expertise makes us the most trusted renovation general contractor in Charlotte.

This Includes:

  • Older Apartment Complexes
  • Conversion of Historic Mills
  • Unused Commercial Properties into Modern Residential Housing
  • Outdated Hotels
  • Conversion of Historic Structures into Dwellings

Contact us today at (919) 303-3652 and let the general contracting professionals at Harold K. Jordan & Company handle your next building project.

Harold K. Jordan & Company is a multifamily general contracting company and renovation specialist serving the construction needs of clients in Charlotte and beyond.