At Harold K. Jordan & Company, we help our clients get an order-of-magnitude cost estimate for any necessary site improvements before they move forward with obligating a property. Our site evaluations provide a comprehensive and experienced understanding of exactly what alterations a site will need for a given project in the absence of civil engineering and design documents.

HKJ’s Expert Site Evaluations Includes Consideration of:

  • How heavily wooded the property is
  • What sort of topography the site has
  • How much cut and fill earthwork is needed
  • How much acreage is to be disturbed
  • Location of utility tie-ins
  • Off-site considerations for roads and turning lanes
  • All aspects of access and egress
  • Existing power lines that may have to be removed
  • Consideration of site drainage
  • Streams, lakes, or wetlands that need to be considered

We have the experience and skill to evaluate these factors and provide a reasonable budget estimate for our clients. It is possible for a client to go elsewhere for site evaluation prior to hiring HKJ, but it is to the owner’s advantage to work with an entity that has a vested interest in producing the estimates as accurately as possible. An outside firm would not necessarily have this commitment to accuracy.

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