Dedicated, In-House Punch Out Crew

For our clients, we provide the most complete and timely unit turnover in the business.

  • Units are ready for occupancy with no punch list items, on your schedule
  • No waiting on subcontractors to return to the project to complete outstanding punch list items before you can occupy the unit
  • No tradesmen in an occupied unit
  • Happier tenants
  • Prompt cash flow for the owner

Harold K. Jordan & Company employs an in-house crew of skilled tradesmen who visit every unit to insure all punch list items are completed before turning over the units to the owner. The crew comes prepared with materials and tools to complete any outstanding items while in the unit.

As the project progresses, Harold K. Jordan & Company closely coordinates a pre-punch with each subcontractor to insure they are performing the finishes in accordance with established quality levels and are on schedule for completion in conjunction with the owner’s needs.

Once power is on in the unit and work is near completion, HKJ performs a walk-through and generates a punch list with each subcontractor. This punch list document is physically posted in each unit as well as emailed to each subcontractor. Every item is inspected for proper completion, checked off, and completion date recorded.

Our in-house punch out crew then meticulously inspects each unit one last time, addresses any outstanding item, then closes up the unit.

After this inspection is completed and assurance that the units are completed to the standards established by Harold K. Jordan & Company, in conjunction with the Owner’s requirements, the owner, architect and property managers are invited to inspect the units and generate their own punch list. Should any new punch item come out of this inspection, it is addressed immediately by our in-house punch crew.

Our clients wholehearted endorse our punch out process and rave about how easy their walk-throughs are with Harold K. Jordan & Company. There is no waiting for a subcontractor to return to the project to complete the task, no delay in unit turnover and no delay in revenue generation.