Scheduling is an essential tool utilized to manage a project and to communicate the status of the project to all interested parties. Project scheduling is an art as much as a skill used to list the critical trade activities accurately with their correct relationship and sequence with other related trade activities. It is just as critical that correct durations are assigned to these trade activities to allow for accurate projections of critical milestones and the completion date. At Harold K. Jordan & Company, we have state-of-the-art software that aids us in our scheduling activities and which performs the complex calculations that identify the critical path. This critical path is the sequence of activities that have the longest duration through the project. The status of these activities is the key to tracking the project duration and the completion date.

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We work all components of the project into the schedule to include submittals and shop drawings that must be received from the vendors and subcontractors. To stay on schedule, submittals and drawings must be reviewed and approved before materials can be ordered, delivered, and received, enabling a particular work activity to proceed.

All construction projects by any general contractor utilize a schedule; however, some are more sophisticated and more accurate than others. On every project, Harold K. Jordan & Company provides a detailed, accurate, CPM schedule utilizing state-of the-art software. We continually refine our scheduling skills with each project to become more proficient at identifying problems and delays before they happen. We provide the most comprehensive schedules with the best possible accuracy to aid our staff in the management of construction and to aid our clients in the decisions they must make regarding the occupancy and management of the property.

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