Our Process

It doesn't have to be hard

At HKJ, we make your goals our mission, ensuring the path to completion is as seamless as it is successful. Discover how our dedicated approach sets us apart from other residential general contractors.

The HKJ Approach to Construction

Site Evaluations

We provide a comprehensive understanding of alterations a site will need for a given project in the absence of civil engineering and design documents.

While a client can get a site evaluation elsewhere prior to hiring HKJ, it is to the owner’s advantage to work with a company that has a vested interest in producing accurate estimates. An outside firm will not have the same commitment to accuracy.

Constructibility Review

HKJ provides a critical review of the available documents to determine the cost information that can be created, as well as the disciplines that need more detail for reliable cost estimates.

Other factors that we review for cost considerations, include:

• If the architect has provided the basic specifications.
• How the design intent may be redirected for a more efficient, cost-effective layout.

Once construction documents are in place, we turn to our well-established subcontractor base to provide current market pricing of labor and materials.

Accurate Budget Information

Accurate budget information helps our clients with their decision making. Accuracy is critical to this process, and it's assured with our extensive database of historical and current information used to prepare the preliminary budget.

We listen. We confirm that what we heard is what you said. We clearly communicate. These skills exemplify our expertise and our belief that “it doesn’t have to be hard.”


We understand that our clients’ goals are to lease up and earn the return on their investment as quickly as possible. Project scheduling is an art as much as a skill. Providing accurate milestone projections and completion dates are critical to our clients, thereby creating a path to success.

HKJ has refined its scheduling skills with each project to become more proficient at identifying problems and delays before they happen. We provide the most comprehensive schedules to aid our staff in the management of construction and help our clients make important decisions about the occupancy and management of the property.

In-house Punchout Crew

HKJ employs in-house crews of skilled tradespeople who visit every unit to ensure all punch-list items are completed before turning over the units to the owner. We do this to confirm that our subcontractors meet and exceed our expectations and, more importantly, those of our clients.

Our in-house punch out crews meticulously inspect each unit one last time before move-in and address any outstanding item(s).

We meet our commitments and stand behind our work. Our clients see the results as we finish strong.

Units are ready for occupancy on schedule
No waiting on subcontractors to return to the project to complete outstanding punch list items before they can occupy the unit
Prompt cash flow for the owner generating increased income during construction
Construction loan interest savings
Happier tenants

Skillful construction for modern living

Harold K. Jordan and Company understands the needs of our clients. We take ownership of each project knowing we are graded on how we finish a project.  While we embrace the challenges each project brings, we realize “it doesn’t have to be hard” to accomplish our clients' goals. We understand that the foundation of a successful construction project lies in its initial steps. That's why our tailored services precisely address every stage and deeply understand our client's unique needs.

Experience dedication in every build

At HKJ, we believe that our work is not just about constructing buildings and structures. We see ourselves as partners in your vision. We prioritize getting to know each client's unique needs and goals, and collaborate with them to turn their ideas into reality. Building trust with every client is of utmost importance to us and we strive to establish a solid foundation of trust in every project we undertake.

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